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More tools in the box: Startect® returns

With the steady increase in resistance to triple drenches (11 per cent1) and demand for the new actives rising, Zoetis has relaunched Startect to the market, in full supply from February, with both the 5L and 15L options available.

Both the novel actives are increasingly being required, as we are running out of options and need to be more proactive in our management approach. These new actives are not silver bullets to combat drench resistance alone, but they are additional tools we should be using in conjunction with good parasite management, such as that promoted by Wormwise® (

Startect is a highly effective combination oral drench that contains the novel active derquantel, with abamectin. Using a novel active in combination will help you protect your flocks from developing resistance. Startect can be used anytime in a drench program, in any sheep class weighing more than 15 kg, but its ideal position is as one of three strategic drenches.

These are: a Knock Out drench in late summer-autumn; a Quarantine drench to prevent the
introduction of resistant parasites through any incoming new sheep; and an Exit drench to remove any resistant parasites that have survived a long acting treatment.

A key tool in delaying resistance is the Knock Out treatment. This treatment ‘knocks out’ any resistant parasites that have survived from the preceding lamb drenches, preventing their offspring from developing and surviving on pasture at a peak time of larval development. Unlike the Quarantine and Exit drench, it is not an additional treatment, rather the substitution of a routine drench.

Startect has a 14 day meat withhold so is ideal for prime lambs.

Using Startect in a drench programme will help maximise flock performance by reducing the parasite burden on farm, and importantly, it will help prolong the useful life of the other older routine drenches being used, saving money and providing more parasite management options in the future.

For more information, check out
Zoetis New Zealand Limited. Tel: 0800 963 847; Startect is a registered trade mark of Zoetis. ACVM No. A10353.
1Mckenna P, VetScript June 2018

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