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Patient Profile: Charlie

Corn on the cob is delicious for humans but very dangerous for dogs. Here is a story about one of our patients, Charlie, he ate a corn cob and became very sick.

My name is Charlie, and not too long ago I had to go to the Amberley Clinic because I was vomiting and very quiet, so my owner was quite worried about me. You see a few weeks before my visit I had found a delicious Corn Cob in the rubbish bin and had eaten it; but the corn cob got stuck in my intestines.

The lovely vets at Amberley after doing some bloods and x-rays to see what was making me feel ill saw that I had a blockage. So into surgery we went, and I was lucky my owner had brought me in because the stuck corn cob was doing all sorts of damage to my intestines. It was so bad parts of it had to be removed. I woke up on a Continuous Rate Infusion of pain killers (so the fluids would slowly keep my pain killers topped up so I felt no pain). I felt so much better I went home, unfortunately, I wasn’t out of the woods yet…

My intestines were still badly damaged and once again started to break down, this meant more surgery to remove the damaged tissue and all the toxins they had been releasing into my abdomen. I even had a drain to help continue to remove toxins after my surgery. I felt so rough I didn’t want to eat, so the lovely vets placed a feeding tube, so they could keep me nourished without me having to eat whilst I felt so ill; because you can’t get better without a good diet.

Due to the damage in my guts my Red Blood Cells (that carry oxygen) and my Platelets (the bits that help me clot) were scarily low. A wonderful Greyhound called Eleanor gave me some blood for a transfusion, and after two of these my body was able to take over and catch up with what I needed.

With lots of fluids, and TLC from the lovely nurses, and fresh chicken I started to feel better, my wag was back and my blood results continued to improve. I started eating on my own and my body stopped producing the toxins, so I got both my feeding tube and stomach drain removed. A few more days and I was feeling so great I wanted to be out saying hello to everyone.

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