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Vaccination Updates

We are starting to work through our reminders for cats, dogs and rabbits that are due for vaccination during the lockdown period. Many vaccinations will be okay to postpone for a period of 1-2 months. Below is some information for owners regarding the routine vaccinations your pet may be due for. We also outline our services classified as essential, please discuss this with us if you are unsure.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us via email -, or through our Facebook page. Otherwise, we will be making contact with owners of those animals that we have reminders being sent out to in the next month.

Information for Dog Owners

Living life in a ‘bubble’ has many benefits for your dog and they are certainly getting a lot more loves, hugs, attention and walking from all of us. We recommend while walking your dog you continue to practice social distancing, it is best they stay on a lead when other people and dogs are around.

With due and overdue vaccinations, we will be scheduling them in May and one of our team will be contacting you in the next week. If you are worried about vaccines lapsing over this period here is some information from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association to ease your concerns:

Parvovirus – this is given as a triannual vaccination at our clinic and there is substantial evidence that protection for an individual animal is much longer than this, sometimes even the lifetime of the pet, so even if your dog is due it is most likely you are still completely covered.

○ Distemper Hepatitis Parainfluenza (given as part of the triannual vaccination) same as above.

Information for Cat Owners

Your cat will be due for a core vaccination – for Panleukopenia + FHV1 and FCV for respiratory viral infections. Our practice recommends these to be done annually for most cats. Boarding catteries will require these to be kept up to date but as no boarding facilities are currently open these boosters are less urgent.  

If you wanted to 100% limit risk, an option would be to keep your cat inside, however, you will be glad to know there is evidence that these vaccines also provide long-term protection to most cats and that protection is likely to persist until after COVID-19 dies down and cats can be revaccinated.

If your cat requires an FIV booster, again we will make sure you get in first, however, the vaccine is likely to continue to work for 6-8 weeks. If we allow the interval between vaccines to go longer than 6 weeks after the annual booster is due, then the course needs to be started again to ensure protection from FIV.

Information for Rabbit Owners

The vaccine for calicivirus requires an annual booster, however, a short delay in repeat vaccination is unlikely to result in disease. We are recommending these be deferred until after the lock-down period is over.

Canine Cough – this is an annual vaccination and while this is required to be kept up to date before boarding and daycare facilities are used, due to the current closure and social distancing between pets we see little risk of an outbreak at this time – however not sharing water sources/water bowls will also help. Also not allowing nose to nose contact with other dogs when out walking will help, social distancing applies to dogs too.

Leptospirosis – This is an annual vaccination. If we have recommended this vaccination and an annual booster is missed by a period of up to 2 months, then a single booster vaccine can be given. However, for periods of over 2 months, two vaccines given 2 – 4 weeks apart should be administered. We will endeavour to get you booked in before this happens.

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