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Triple Resistance in the North Island

The latest industry trends in the prevalence of multiple drench resistant parasites has shown some alarming trends.  Data just released this winter shows that in the North Island, 15-20% of all tests submitted to Gribbles had triple resistance confirmed.  The South Island does fair better with far lower levels of combination resistance detected but the North Island should serve as a warning for us. 

Know your drench efficacy, make informed decisions about what drench to use, maintain the efficacy of drenches on your property.

Graph Description:

Prevalence of resistance to anthelmintics recorded in sheep FECRTs submitted to Gribbles Veterinary laboratories during 2016-17.  BZ = benzimidazole, LEV = levamisole, ABA = abamectin, BZ/LEV = Arrest/Scanda combination, MOX = moxidectin (cydectin), SWI = Switch/Conerge combination, Triple = Matrix/Alliance combination.

Source: ‘Update on anthelminitic resistance”. Phil Mckenna

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