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North Canterbury Vets Productivity Analysis

If you are one of the 80 clients that have completed an Animal Health Plan with North Canterbury Vets over the last 18 months you will have experienced first-hand the value that a focussed plan can deliver.  Our vet team have enjoyed the level of discussion being held with clients during this process. It has highlighted the huge potential in recording client data, and then reporting on sheep and beef stock performance KPI’s to identify opportunities to lift the profitability of our client’s businesses.  We are currently in the process of having a program and database developed that will allow us to report on and benchmark (among other things):

  • Reproductive performance (scanning %, dry rate)
  • Pre-weaning growth rates
  • Wastage rates (ewes and lambs)
  • Death categories – to ID major focus areas and timings
  • Cull categories – what are the major reasons for culling early?
  • Average liveweight
  • Faecal egg count monitoring records
  • Body condition score profiles (see below an example report)

By comparing performance with; your own performance in previous years, between mobs on your farm, and with similar farms in the district, your vet team will come to your next animal health plan update with key opportunities identified. This will help to provide continued focus, direction and purpose to the animal health planning process every year. 

Watch this space – more to come!!

About the author

North Canterbury Vets are a mixed practice which deals with dairy cows, beef, sheep, deer, horses and alpacas as well as companion animals. Our team has an ethical focus to assist in developing and growing our clients' businesses and providing quality health care to ensure that their livestock and pets live healthy and productive lives.

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