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New! Cat Clinics at our Amberley branch

Visiting the vet can be stressful for animals, especially for cats. To help alleviate this stress our Amberley Clinic has created a "Feline Only Consult Hours" time slot. This will be on Tuesday's from 11 am - 2 pm. Of course cats are welcome at other times but this slot will be specifically focused to help encourage an enjoyable visit.

We are making the following changes to help your cat be as comfortable as possible during their visit:

  • Blankets will be available at the entrance for owners to cover their cat cage. These blankets will be sprayed with Feliway spray (this simulates the pheromone that cats naturally leave when they feel safe and secure in their environment). Baskets and blankets will be available for owners to use for their cats.

  • Cat Music will be played in the consult room. This is music specifically designed to calm cats down.

  • Dogs requiring veterinary services will enter the clinic via a separate entrance and will not remain in the waiting room.

  • As cats can feel safer high up, we have provided a table so cats (in their carriers) can be placed safely above floor level.

Senior Cat Consults

As our cats age, there are many health issues that can affect them and they are very good at masking their signs of disease. A cat can be defined as 'senior' from 8 years of age. Kidney disease, cancers and arthritis are all quite prevalent and often can go unnoticed by owners. Signs of disease can be mistaken for ageing, as we know the sooner disease is picked up the better the outlook for your cat is.

Our senior cat consults involve a full health check, urine and blood testing and are designed to pick up problems early and give your senior feline the best chance of a long and healthy life.

Contact the Amberley clinic for more information on both our Senior Cat Consults and Cat Clinics.

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