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Flies spotted in North Canterbury Traps

As part of the ongoing research to improve animal welfare, The New Zealand Merino Company has been monitoring the prevalence of flystrike causing flies across North Canterbury.

For further information please contact Monica Schwass

To make this happen, wireless weather stations, soil temperature loggers and nine fly traps have been established. The flies are being collected weekly out of the traps to understand the relationship between weather patterns and fly prevalence. The aim in future years is to use weather data alone to predict fly emergence, times of high fly pressure, and the end of the fly season. By being better informed about fly activity, farmers can be more targeted about their chemical applications, reducing the risk of getting caught out with struck sheep.

This year, the first green flies showed up at the end of October in coastal regions of North Canterbury.

In collaboration with Beef + Lamb and Sheep & Beef Cattle Veterinarians, a practical guide for managing fly & lice has been created. Click here for the document.

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