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Keep your lambs growing through weaning

Below is an article from Zoetis NZ about the benefit of Ultravac 5+1:

As your lambs approach weaning the risk factors associated with certain diseases, trace
element deficiencies and stress increase. The lambs will be forced to transition from a
combination milk and pasture diet onto a total pasture based diet. This transition requires a
significant change in the gut flora of the lamb and increases its risk to Pulpy Kidney. The rumen must also be functioning well in order for the micro-organisms to convert cobalt to vitamin B12, an important component in the production of glucose for the lamb. The stress of separation from the ewe is also likely to temporarily decrease the lamb’s intake, making it more susceptible to trace element deficiencies and disease. Ensuring lambs are vaccinated against Pulpy Kidney and given supplementation of any trace elements or vitamins that are likely to be deficient, such as selenium and vitamin B12, will reduce the likelihood of any lamb losses or major checks in growth rate over the weaning period.

Using Ultravac® 5+1 B12 on your lambs will provide protection against the most important
clostridial diseases including Pulpy Kidney, plus provide the vitamin B12 support your lambs
need to keep them growing well past this high risk period. Where selenium deficiency is a
problem Ultravac 5+1 Se B12 offers the added benefit of a safer low dose selenium
supplementation for your lambs. In addition to this they also provide control of Caseous
lymphadenitis (Cheesy gland), a disease known to cause major carcass trimming and
condemnation, and one that is regarded as a biosecurity risk for drystock farms (ref. Drystock Biosecurity Guidelines by Beef and Lamb NZ).

Benefits of Ultravac 5+1:
 Cover against the 5 main clostridial diseases affecting sheep in New Zealand
 Trace element supplementation (Vitamin B12 or Vitamin B12 and Selenium)
 Added control of Caseous lymphadenitis (cheesy gland)
 All in one easy to give injection.

Zoetis New Zealand Limited. Tel: 0800 963 847; w Ultravac is a registered trade mark of Zoetis Inc. ACVM No. A11606, A11607.

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