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Volunteering in Africa

Local farmer, Jeanine Calder, has recently returned from a month long stint in Africa volunteering her services to assist animals in this part of the world. Jeanine volunteered through the programme 'World Wide Vets', spending two weeks in Zimbabwe, followed by two weeks in Zanzibar.

In Zimbabwe she worked in a Primate Sanctuary predominately building cages, creating enrichment for animals, cleaning, mainly for Baboons and Vervet monkeys. In Zanzibar it was working with a vet clinic focusing on the reduction of wild cats by de-sexing them. spaying / castration / catching of wild cats (and domestic) & dogs. Reduce population of wild cats. Saturday free clinic for locals, educate farmers, encourage worming / parasitic treatment (goats, cattle, dogs, cats). Rely on donations.

World Wide Vets relies on donations and the North Canterbury Vet Clinic was pleased to be able to donate by filling Jeanine's suitcase with bandages, syringes, needles, drugs, and operating instruments. Jeanine is pictured with some of the products below.

This was a huge learning experience for Jeanine, providing a great opportunity to experience a variety of different veterinary techniques that in NZ an unqualified person you wouldn't normally assist with.

Here is the link to the volunteering website that Jeanine used, she thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

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