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Mycoplasma Bovis

You may be tired of hearing about Mycoplasma Bovis, however it is crucial that we are all aware of how we can help to reduce the spread of it. New Zealand was one of the last countries free of this disease, until now.

If you have ANY concerns ring the MPI hotline – 0800 00 83 33 or call the Vet clinic. 

Important things to remember:

>   Keep your Stock identification/Nait information up-to-date on all animals.
>   Watch on-farm hygiene from contractors, Vets, Technicians etc.
>   Always have disinfectant available in your shed for washing & disinfection.
>   Maintain good boundaries with all neighbours with guaranteed power/outriggers to stop any cow to cow contact.
>   Check farm history if buying in stock.
>   Be conscious of bringing in second-hand equipment especially if milking equipment or equipment involved in direct handling of livestock. Check its origins.

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