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Some very common things your pets do can actually be terrible for their dental health.

Click here to view some of the "don'ts" of caring for your pet's mouth

Maintaining your pet's dental health is key in ensuring that they lead a happy and healthy life.

Click here to look at what you can do to manage your pet's dental hygiene.

Check out the January version of the What's Up in the District Newsletter. In this edition, we cover parasite challenges, mastitis milk culturing results, M Bovis testing, and more!

Brushing your pet's teeth is often a lot easier said than done!

Click here to view some tips and tricks that will make brushing your pets teeth an enjoyable experience instead of a battle

Does your pet’s bad breath keep the two of you from snuggling or make you want to reach for a breath mint for them? Contrary to popular belief, “doggy breath” is not normal. In fact, it could be one of the first signs that they are developing dental disease.

Check out this article to discover what dental disease and why it can be so dangerous for your pet.

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