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As part of the ongoing research to improve animal welfare, The New Zealand Merino Company has been monitoring the prevalence of flystrike causing flies across North Canterbury. For further information please contact Monica Schwass To make this happen, wireless weather stations, soil temperature loggers and nine fly traps have been established. Th ...

Visiting the vet can be stressful for animals, especially for cats. To help alleviate this stress our Amberley Clinic has created a "Feline Only Consult Hours" time slot. This will be on Tuesday's from 11 am - 2 pm. Of course cats are welcome at other times but this slot will be specifically focused to help encourage an enjoyable visit.

The following rules will help you to fight fleas on your pet and in the environment. For more knowledge or advice please call your local NCVC clinic. Thanks to Bayer Animal Health for this article. 5 Golden Rules to fight fleas on your pets 1. Protect ALL your pets against fleas. Cats and dogs share the same flea species. - Even if your dog never goes near the cat in your ho ...

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The latest industry trends in the prevalence of multiple drench resistant parasites has shown some alarming trends.  Data just released this winter shows that in the North Island, 15-20% of all tests submitted to Gribbles had triple resistance confirmed.  The South Island does fair better with far lower levels of combination resistance detected but the North Island should serve ...

What do you need to do to complete a Faecal Egg Count Reduction test? Click here to find out.

Are you making the most of our technicians while they are on your property?

Many of our clients regularly use our Sheep and Beef Technicians during high work-load periods.  Did you realise that while our Technicians are dipping sheep, vaccinating or drenching that they can also carry out a number of other services. Click to learn more.

North Canterbury Vets Productivity Analysis If you are one of the 80 clients that have completed an Animal Health Plan with North Canterbury Vets over the last 18 months you will have experienced first-hand the value that a focussed plan can deliver.  Our vet team have enjoyed the level of discussion being held with clients during this process. It has highlighted the huge pote ...

Our Clinics

North Canterbury Veterinary Clinics operates four clinics throughout the Hurunui region.