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We have recently seen an increased number of GDV cases so thought it was timely that we should let you know that we can help with this devastating condition by performing a preventative gastropexy on at risk dogs (i.e. those with a first degree relative that has had a GDV and large breed, deep chested dogs). Contact your nearest NCVC clinic for further information. Several yea ...

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LINK from Dairy NZ Website We’ve been getting questions from you recently about how best to manage mating, and specifically purchasing bulls, in relation to the Mycoplasma bovis risk. In a nutshell, the questions come down to ‘how do I test for M. bovis in a bull and what test is best?’ We’ve talked to many experts, both in-house and at CRV, LIC and MPI to understand what test ...

It is with much sadness that we announce the resignation of Zena Chart after 35 years’ service with NCVETS. Zena joined NCVETS from high school and began vet nursing / reception duties at the Waikari clinic.  She has worked with many of the veterinarians and staff over her time with the business and they have provided numerous happy and lasting memories. Travelling the Sth Isl ...

This programme has been designed specifically to help you, the Farmer, maximise some of your most valuable workers - your dogs.

Farm dogs require physical fitness, endurance and good health to work well for you. So, it is vitally important to keep these four legged employees in the best of health so they can lead a long and productive life, making the investment in their breeding, training and care, well worthwhile.



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If you would like to learn more about Mycoplasma bovis, the current situation and also have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the disease, come along to an information evening the NCVC is holding on Tues 10 July.

Do you notice your dog and cat slowing down? Do they have reduced mobility and are not wanting to jump onto things anymore? They possibly may have arthritis. Often caused by obesity in animals there are several things you can do to help alleviate the pain your pet is in.  Pet dogs, working dogs and cats suffer from arthritis due to injury or aging or from just being obese. Fat ...

The North Canterbury Veterinary Clinic brings you a training day with renown sheep dog trainer Lloyd Smith. 

Cost is $20 per person with lunch provided. 
To book please call the Amberley Clinic - 03 3148612


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North Canterbury Veterinary Clinics operates four clinics throughout the Hurunui region.