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Pet Insurance & Animal Health Checks

Have you thought about a Pet health insurance policy and annual health check?

Health Insurance - Every week we have animals with injuries or health problems that we could do so much more for if cost was taken out of the equation. We regularly have pets that are put to sleep for financial reasons after injury or sickness. Insuring your pet gives you the liberty to give them the best treatment options not just what fits the budget. We have information on some of the policies on offer in clinic so contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Annual Health Checks - These allow us to monitor your pets health as they age and recommend health care that prevents major problems or catches them early when treatment is more likely to be successful and often more affordable. We also recommend regular blood testing for pets as they age and pre-surgery or medical treatments. This allows benchmarking of their blood parameters and again early diagnosis and treatment of common conditions such as renal or liver disease.

So what will be the best gift for your much loved pet?

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Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson

North Canterbury Veterinarian

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