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North Canterbury Veterinary Clinics has a proud tradition of providing veterinarian services to local sheep farmers since its inception. It's our intention to support you in maximising returns from your livestock.

Our dedicated sheep production enthusiasts include vets, technicians and animal health representatives offering a complete service.

Our veterinarians offer...

  • Sheep animal health planning with emphasis on performance and achieving targets. 
  • Investigative programmes into reproductive and growth rate performance. (Mating performance, lambing performance and ewe flock performance evaluation.)
  • Flock performance monitoring at strategic events throughout the year. Flock Body Condition Scoring (BCS)
  • Specific control programmes for parasite management, foot rot, fly and lice management, trace element evaluation.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and control of other specific conditions.
  • Neo-natal lamb autopsy surveys.
  • On-farm trial programmes.
  • Faecal Egg Count Reduction Testing (FECRT) to monitor individual farm drench resistance/ effectiveness.
  • Ram fertility soundness testing. Teaser ram preparation (vasectomy surgery).
  • Feed budgeting.
  • Data Analysis & Management to facilitate management decisions
  • High quality individual animal medicine and care - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our technicians offer...

  • Administering animal treatments to flocks (vaccines, drenches including capsules) with a conveyor.
  • Feet inspection and trimming with conveyor.
  • Flock body weight (BWT) and body condition scoring (BCS).
  • Blood and faecal sampling.
  • In-house faecal egg count (FEC) testing to monitor flock parasite status.
  • Electrodip.

Animal Health Representatives offer...

  • Animal remedy advice and sales.
  • Personal farm calling and feedback with concerns from the field.
  • Detail new products and NCVC services.

Our Clinics & Hours

North Canterbury Veterinary Clinics operates four clinics throughout the Hurunui region.