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North Canterbury Veterinary Clinic's have been involved in deer medicine since the early days of deer farming in this region.

John Turner and Noel McGirr both have good stories about attempts to domesticate the “live capture” deer and Tb testing using scissors to clip the site. Today with deer farming an established enterprise on many of our traditional sheep and beef farms as well as a few of our clients farming only deer, most of our farm-call vets have a good level of expertise with this species.

Ian Page at the Cheviot clinic has been involved in the Deer Industry Focus Farm at Mendip Hills, was a member of the Johnes Research Group and is currently on the Animal Health advisory committee for the deer industry P2P programme. Ian is a long-standing committee member of the Deer Branch of the N.Z. Veterinary Association. 

We offer a comprehensive range of veterinary skills to assist our deer farming clients...

  • Deer herd health planning/monitoring.
  • Pregnancy scanning (internal).
  • Trace element supplementation programmes.
  • All velvetting services including NVSB programme supervision.
  • TB testing services with full accreditation of testers.
  • Parasite management planning and control with testing/treatment programmes and products.
  • Deer Herd Health Planning as approved by the DINZ P2P programme.
  • Johnes Management Consulting with accredited member of Johnes Veterinary Network.
  • High quality individual animal medicine and care - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Clinics & Hours

North Canterbury Veterinary Clinics operates four clinics throughout the Hurunui region.