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Settling into a new home

1. Create a Safe Space

Set crate up in a quiet location, place comfy bedding, toys and some treats that they are used to inside. Keep door open to allow them to escape into it whenever they want. This can be started before moving house. Only positive things happen in the crate. Cats often prefer to start in one room rather than a crate to create their safe space 

2.Calming Products

There are a variety of products which can be used to help calm your pet. Adaptil and Feliway use pheromones, whilst Pet-Remedy uses Aromatherapy to create a calm environment for your pet. Calmex can be given as a supplement to assist in relaxation, for cats this needs to be used for a few weeks continuously.


Pets, especially dogs, are very routine driven. By continuing the same daily pattern as much as possible they will settle into their new environment quicker. Cats should be kept indoors for 4 weeks to allow them to settle into the new house and routine


Signs that your new cat is comfortable with its new environment include:

  • Friendly behaviours when you enter the room such as approach, rubbing around your legs, chirruping, purring and meowing
  • Resting on its side with belly exposed and rolling over
  • Playing with its toys
  • Facial rubbing on furniture, corners of walls and other items in its room
  • Normal eating, drinking, grooming and toileting behaviours


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