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Terms and Conditions

Please find below a copy of our terms and conditions for the wellness plan; if you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call on 03 314 8612 or e-mail on



The NCVC wellness plan (the Wellness Plan) has been designed by us to help you save money and spread the cost of preventative pet care throughout the year. By registering for the Wellness Plan, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.



The Wellness Plan includes the following services:

  • Puppy/Kitten Membership:
  • Free initial course of vaccinations;
  • 12 months’ worth of flea and worm treatments;
  • 10% off neutering;
  • Unlimited free twenty-minute veterinarian and vet nurse consultations;
  • Free micro-chipping; and
  • 50% off registration with the New Zealand Companion Animal Register.
    • Adult Membership:
  • Free annual vaccination;
  • 12 months’ worth of flea and worm treatments;
  • Unlimited free twenty-minute veterinarian and veterinary nurse consultations;
  • $100 off dental treatments;
  • One preventative blood test;
  • Free micro-chipping; and
  • 50% off registration with the New Zealand Companion Animal Register.

(the Membership Benefits)

  • Vaccinations: The number and type of vaccinations available to your pet under the Membership Benefits will depend on your pet’s age, health and vaccination history, as determined by NCVC in their sole discretion.

Vaccinations available under the puppy/kitten membership do not include booster vaccinations (usually administered between 6-14 months of age).

Vaccinations against leptospira are not available as a Membership Benefit.

  • Flea and Worm Treatment: Flea and worm treatments available through the Wellness Plan are limited to specific brands, as advised by NCVC at the time of redemption.
  • Unlimited Consultations: All consultations require an appointment.

Consultations where treatments or diagnostics are carried out do not form part of the Membership Benefits and will be charged according to NCVC’s price list at the time of the consultation or treatment.

Consultations outside of normal office hours, on public holidays, house calls, with veterinary specialists or any other third-party consultation do not form part of the Membership Benefits.

  • Additional Goods and Services: All additional goods, services, consultations and/or treatments provided outside the Membership Benefits are payable in accordance with NCVC’s price list at the time of the consultation or treatment.
  • Other: The Wellness Plan offers an annual membership limited to one nominated cat or dog.

Your membership begins from the date of registration. NCVC will send you a renewal notice via email at least one month before the expiry of your membership. The adult membership will automatically renew for a further twelve-month period unless you advise NCVC otherwise.

Membership Benefits cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer.

    • Fees: The fee payable for the Wellness Plan are:

Puppy/Kitten Membership:
Under 10kg:         $500.00 per annum

10kg – 25kg:        $525.00 per annum
26kg and over:     $550.00 per annum

Adult Membership:
Cat:                     $400.00 per annum
Dog:                   $425.00 per annum

(each, the Membership Fee)

  • All prices listed are inclusive of GST.
  • Payment: Each puppy/kitten membership must be paid in full upon registration.

Payments for adult memberships may be made in full or in monthly instalments by bank transfer or in store.

If you miss a payment, your Wellness Plan membership and all Membership Benefits will be suspended until all monies owing to us in relation to the Wellness Plan are paid in full. 

We may charge 2% interest per month accruing daily, on any outstanding amount owed to us.

    • Cancellation: You may cancel your membership at any time by sending us an email to or calling us on 03 314 8612.  

At our sole discretion, we may refund the difference between the value of the Membership Fee and the Membership Benefits claimed at the date of cancellation. The value of the Membership Benefits will be calculated using the NCVC price list at the time of cancellation.

  • Transfer: The Wellness Plan cannot be transferred between pets. Fully paid Wellness Plan memberships may be considered for transfer between owners. However, NCVC reserve the right to decline any request for the transfer of a Wellness Plan membership.
    • You agree that the Membership Benefits are limited to reasonable usage. NCVC may exclude Membership Benefits from you at any time, on the basis that usage is unreasonable. Reasonable use will be determined by NCVC in its sole opinion.
    • In circumstances where we consider usage of one or more of the Membership Benefits to be unreasonable, NCVC may notify you that the usage is unreasonable and has become excluded as a Membership Benefit.
    • The Wellness Plan membership does not constitute pet insurance.
    • You are solely responsible for checking the terms of your membership including your contact details. NCVC will not be responsible for any delay or disruption in communication with you because of incorrect or outdated member contact details.
    • NCVC may revise the Membership Benefits and Membership Fee from time to time. NCVC will update these terms and conditions and advise you of any change before your next Wellness Plan renewal. All changes will apply to your next membership period.

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