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Diagnostic Imaging

Our wide range of imaging equipment allows us to take, process and assess x-rays from a wide range of species, from kittens to horses. We are able to take dental radiographs, allowing full assessment of your pet’s teeth prior to any dental treatment.

Ultrasonography and endoscopy are another essential part of our diagnostic armoury, allowing non-invasive diagnosis of many disease processes and conditions. Our Equine crush at the Amberley clinic allows safe and efficient handling of our horse patients, where endoscopy of the upper airways, radiography and ultrasonography allow a full lameness work up to be performed.

A recent addition to our tools is a fluoroscope or ”image eye” at Amberley, allowing our veterinary team to study real-time images of swallowing, right through to intraoperative imaging.

Our Clinics

North Canterbury Veterinary Clinics operates four clinics throughout the Hurunui region.